Pumps are a mechanical devices which are used to move gases, liquids, or slurries.
The main function of pumps is to move liquids or gases from a lower pressure to a higher pressure and is responsible for this difference in pressure. There is saying regard pumping that “Pumping is just not a line of Business but a Passion”.


There are two categories of Pumps:
the first one is positive displacement pumps, which is used to force fluid from one sealed chamber to another with little leakage.(eg)SandpiperPumps pumps
And another type is dynamic pumps, which uses the momentum of the fluid to move it across an unsealed chamber.
This type of pump forces the fluid from one chamber to another by reducing the volume of the first chamber while increasing the volume of the second.
This type of pump produces consistent flow in spite of intake pressure or outlet pressure, unless the particular intake force drops below a specific limit, which leads to cavitation, or the particular outlet force exceeds the capacity of the particular pump, leading to pump failure.
These pumps often have a relief valve to prevent the latter problem.
The heart of animals is a natural example of this type of pump. And the dynamic pump causes the fluid to move from inlet to outlet under its own momentum.
This type tends not to need a release valve, because as the outlet pressure rises the pump simply becomes less efficient.
Fluid motion can be rotary, as in , or linear, as in reciprocating dynamic pumps.centrifugal pumps

Pumps are used to move oils, gases and liquids, from lower pressure to higher pressure. Pumps are used in industries of different natures which are developing rapidly, more significantly there are also plug and play technology too, that means the pumps can be controlled through chip based technology.
We need to understand that nothing works in isolation, products or services never stand alone, they work with systems which are larger in objectives. If put in a proper process they can lead to end to end solutions, which works in synchronization, which leads to total delivery which enhances the entire process flow. There are many innovative products and services, which can satisfy needs in pumping. They can be used in Oil and Gas, processing industries, paper and pulp industries, power generation, water treatment and distribution, food metals and fertilizer business.